Lifestyles of South Haven is a 45 acre mixed-use property, located in South Haven, MI. Included in this mixed-use development is Lighthouse Village, a 122 unit traditional neighborhood.

A live-work environment is created featuring a collection of street-level shops with condominium units above, much like mini-downtown. Aimed primarily for the122 residential units in Lighthouse Village and the 15,000 people of South Haven and its surrounding areas, the retail center will attract vendors such as family restaurants and eateries, banks, business offices and other small peddlers. A feasibility study was conducted in South Haven that concluded a traditional neighborhood best suited the character of the area. The city has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 5 growing beach communities in the US.

Additionally, easy access to I-96 just off Exit 20 and proximity to Lake Michigan allows for high visibility to travelers and site-seers alike.